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June 25th, 2013 in Blog

rokstoriesfp1editedIf you have been looking to set up a low-maintenance website with ready-made content, WPLocalPlus is the way to go. Here’s how you can get started

– You can start by selecting the geography that you plan to cover – it can be an entire country or a state or a city within a state.

– Once you have done that you can decide if you want the site to be about a specific category E.g. Restaurants or just about all businesses within that area

– Choose keywords according to your choice above E.g. Restaurants, New York City, New York and watch results show up.

That’s all you need to do – WPLocalPlus does all the rest and pulls up listings that match this criteria.

You can also enhance your site by displaying offers / deals in the area along with reviews. That way you have all the information your site visitors might possibly need , in one place. So if your potential visitor is looking for a place to eat , he can check out your listings for a restaurant , read reviews and check if they have any offers on as well.
WPLocalPlus has 3 separate plugins for – U.S., Canada and International – choose one (or all by buying the developer bundle) and set up your site within minutes.

And yes, it works with ChimeraThemes 🙂

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