Use of Impactpress editor options

October 16th, 2012 in Support, Themes tutorials

1. Activate “Impact” Plugin. Create new template with name “custom”.
2. In template options, fix the structure for header,footer and sidebar.
3. In Title area, select a logo image for logo of the website.
4. Give the color to main background.
5. Give the color to content background.
6. In active widget area, select In header,After header,Before footer.
7. In Dashboard->Widgets,custome sidebar gets created automatically as we have selected these options from active widgets areas.
8. From “Impact Hooks” you can add different hooks to your template which will act as widgets. There are several options are given for exactly where you want to place the hooks.
9. In custom sidebar, place widgets, which you can see on website.
10. In custom In Header sidebar, place any widgets as per your requirement.
11. The css code yo can add in “Template Custom css” from template options.
12. For the main contents, we need to add these from page edit,which will be appeare in main content area. from page edit, you can change the contents and remaining structure will remain the same.

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