Why Use bbPress ( discussion forum software ) for your WordPress website?

July 9th, 2013 in Blog

discussion forum software bbpressLooking for an easy to use, fast and effective forum or bulletin board software? bbPress is probably top on your to-be-evaluated list. It has recently emerged as one of the most popular forum softwares built especially for WordPress.

With bbPress, you can now easily set up discussion forums in your WordPress site. After its release, way back in 2009, bbPress has become one of the most widely-used forum software. Here’s Why –

  • Simple and elegant 

    If you are someone who has already used WordPress, the simple and elegant look of bbPress will give you a familiar feeling. Just like WordPress, it is simplicity which is the main driving force of bbPress. The design and content are devoid of complexities.

  • Fully integrated

    With bbPress everything remains integrated – one central account, one unified admin area and one click-installation.

  • Easy to use and fast

    Ease of use and speed remain two important criteria while choosing a forum software. bbPress is easy to use and super fast offering your users the best experience possible.

  • Integrates plugins and themes comfortably

    There are a host of plugins and themes for bbPress which you can integrate with the site. bbPress Pencil Unread, Orbisius bbPress Signature are just a few of them that are immensely popular.Likewise, bbPress also supports theme compatibility. bbPress Version 2.x allows built-in theme support which contains elements like front-end editing. It means that all the functionalities of the theme will work properly, even if it does not have any specific bbPress templates or code attached to it. AppBBPress by Chimerathemes has been especially designed for BBPress – and is another popular theme for BBpress sites.

  • Less and simple code 

    bbPress believes in the philosophy of less is more when it comes to coding. bbPress has tried to keep the code as uncomplicated and as lean as possible, so you can understand it quickly and make changes, if need be.

  • Free

    bbPress is free and is the main reason for its high user base. It is hard to ignore a forum software which has so many benefits and is yet free.

  • Allows you to customize templates

    With bbPress , you can now customize your forums the way you want to.

  • Spam protection

    bbPress has full Akismet support built-in for you, to keep your forums spam-free.

  • Open Source

    Another much-loved feature of bbPress is that it is Open Source, now and forever. Being an open source software with GPL License, the source code is made available for public and anyone interested can view it, make modifications, share with peers and distribute to anyone for any reason.

With AppBBPress , you can get the best of both worlds – a lovely , elegant theme that plays nicely with bbPress. You can install it, customize it the way you want to and start a discussion forum on your site within minutes.

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