Working with custom sidebars

September 2nd, 2010 in Support, Themes tutorials

1Create a custom sidebar

After you have successfully installed one of our themes, the custom Chimera Themes menu will appear in your WordPress admin menu. From there, go to Theme Options > General Settings (first tab) > Sidebars.
You will find there an input that you can use to create new sidebars, a list of your existing sidebars that you can delete and another option for selecting the default sidebar position if no other option in selected from the Add new page/post options box.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: sidebar names should not contain spaces. (Example: Feature Tour = incorrect ; Feature-Tour = correct).

2Add widgets to a custom sidebar

You can add widgets to a custom sidebar you created the same way you would do for a regular widgetized area. From the WordPress admin menu go to Appearance > Widgets. You will see there the custom sidebar you created earlier. Add widgets to it.

3Assign a custom sidebar to a post or page

After you have successfully create a sidebar and assigned some widgets to it go to Add new page/post or edit your existing pages or posts. In the Post options boxes you will see Custom sidebars. Select the desired sidebar for that page and click the WordPress Publish or Update button to save settings.

4You’re done !

If you have any questions regarding the custom sidebars, feel free to contact us on our live support or by email.

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